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There are different types of facemask, with a different purpose. We will have the FFP1, FFP2 face mask, FFP3, and lot more. Mainly the face masks are for protection from all various and tiny particles which move in the air. 

Fabric hygiene face masks: this is a set of face mask used by the non-medical partition, its washable and can be re-used. The face mask is used by many industries to keep high proper hygiene of what they produce. These face masks completely cover the nose and mouth and must be used, like all other face masks that aren’t PPE, while keeping a safe distance of at least two meters from other people.

Surgical face masks: this is used mostly by a professional medical practitioner, it of blue-coloured. Used by doctor and dentists, the cover is to protect from all bacteria and viruses. It comes with a high filtration level of about 95%. It prevents the spread of saliva droplets, doing coughing and sneezing. It also helps in preventing the spread of coronavirus through the air.

FFP3 and FFP2 face masks: this is highly efficient face masks which protect against all virus and bacteria’s it is highly filtered and come with respiratory. FFP stands for “filtering facepiece” and indicates that the masks have certified as the EN 149-2001 standard, which sets minimum performance criteria for efficiency, breathability, structural stability, and biocompatibility. The numbering system (FFP1, FPP2, FFP3) indicates the filtration efficiency of these devices. FFP1 masks have a limited filtering efficiency: they only filter out the most significant particles and are not the most suitable for protecting the wearer from the harmful microparticles that carry the virus. FFP2 and FPP3, have a filtration efficiency for airborne particles of 92% for FPP2 and 98% for FFP3.

Filtering masks: it comes with a high level of protection plus reusability. The filtration mask is designed to give both protection and comfort. Is made from three different layers of fabric that provide 95% filtration efficiency for bacteria and harmful fine particles. Each of the mask’s three layers forms a mechanical barrier against micro particles to protect both the wearer and those around them. Every cover comes with replaceable filters that are guaranteed to last 12 hours.

Different Types of Masks.

FFP3 European standard respirators filter has 99% of particles. FFP2 mask respirators filter 94% of particles.

N99 American standard respirator is an alternative to the FFP3 face mask and also filters 99% of particles.

An N95 respirator filters 95% of particles, which is equivalent to the FFP2.

Type IIR or Level 2 fluid-resistant surgical mask

Making use of any masks, the necessary precaution should be taken at all times to aid maximum protection.

Masks Vs. Respirators

Respirator standards: FFP3 vs FFP2 vs N95 These are types of face masks that are standard in use; the facemasks have met the European standard. The filtering face piece score FFP has a standard 149:2001. With a rating of EN 143 with a measure of FFP1, FFP2, AND FFP3. With a high level of filtering efficiency.

Valved vs Non-Valved Respirators: valved respirators make it easy to exhale air compared to a non-valved respirator. Comfortable of wearing a face mask with less moisture inside the respirator.

N95 and KN95 masks: this type of mask is also referred to as FFP2 masks; it has a high level of protection for their medical staff, the N95, and KN95 company of respirator mask, which is certified by American (N95) and Chinese (KN95) standard. Which means the efficiency of the face mask has been tested. With a high rating of filtering

KN95 is China standard of the mask, like N95 mask made from N95 mask China company, it is the same gade to N95 and FFP2 face mask, since China is world factory, so many of FFP2 face mask, KN95 face mask are made form China

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