Injection Mold

Contemporary Injection Mold Making industry development is rapid, also rapidly and mould industry market competition. In processing cycle requirement is shortened, and the cost of the cases, require lower accuracy requirement up not down, so in addition to the capital’s permission, maximizing processing equipment production capacity, high-quality control means more and more become mould manufacturing enterprise can be the key to winning in the competition.
Along with the development of die and mould industry, the development of the mould measuring technique in also often go hand in hand. Different measuring technology and different measuring equipment according to the different characteristics of the Injection Molding manufacture emerged. From Injection Mold Design themselves involved early the digitized mapping, to mould processing process measurement, repairing Mold measurement, to mould the acceptance survey and late molds repairing measuring; From electronics small size mold to the automobile kind of medium-large molds and aerospace industries, high precision measurement of large mould measuring equipment everywhere. So far, the Plastic Injection Mold quality inspection of the measurement equipment includes not only use the classic stationary high precision tri-ordinate measuring machine, at the same time as Plastic Containers Mold, various characteristics of also should be used for site online measurement equipment, such as portable joint arm measuring machine, efficient white light measurement machine, large size laser tracker measurement equipment such as been staged, and also in succession through contacts and non-contact measurement, image and laser scanning and photographic measurement detection techniques such as the quantity of Mold testing needs satisfied.

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